I'll see you here in April 2005!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

This is a crack in the Glacier ice. It's hard to tell by the picture, but it's about 4 or 5 inches wide. Enough that you could get a foot caught in it if you weren't careful. The surface ice is slick and hard to walk on.

Karen on the Glacier. It was COLD up there, and very slick. As usual, she had wandered off the beaten path where you were suppose to walk. Check the mountain climbing boots she has on....note the blonde hair

This is the Glasier we climbed on. You can see in the distance where the parking lot is, then the trail up to the ice. When I was there in 1987, the ice came almost all the way to where you could park. It's receding every year. Just like my hairline! It was a LONG steep climb up to the ice!

Just a scenery shot. We're in the Canadian Rockies!

I had never seen a dental floss dispenser inside a Men's room! This place was pure Class!

Another one of those good Canadian burgers! This one was in Banff.

A couple of "old fossils" checking out others in their age group.

This is supposed to be the World's Largest Dinasaur Statue", in Drumheller, AB. Note how small the Wing is by it's foot. There is a ladder going up into the body, then stairs all the way to it's mouth. We saw a T-Shirt in our campground that said, "I came all the way to Drumheller just to climb into a Dinasaur's Ass." We didn't understand until we saw this guy. It was a fun little city to visit. Every street corner and lots more places have dinasours of all kinds and sizes.

Preston, Sherm, and friends. The Royal Museum in Drumheller, Alberta. This was going to be a 30 minute stop. We spent almost 4 hours there, and never got bored. Just toooo much to see and read about.

This is Julie. Belongs to Craig Scott's niece. She's a beuatiful dog, but seems to pretty much rule the house! Taken in Craig's house in Edmonton.

Pink Champagne for Karen's birthday! Note the fancy crystal.... We were in a Wilderness campground a few miles from Lake Louise. The main Parks were all full, so they told us about this place. Wayyyyy out in the boonies with the bears. It was quiet though