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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Second night on the road. Port Angeles, WA. A retired Navy CPO owned this campground, which was full. He felt sorry for us and let us set up in his own back yard. Note Preston's personal box of wine by his chair As usual, I was writing my daily journal. I kept it up every day on the road, and don't think I've ever gone back to read it. Maybe some day. We took several hundred pictures on this trip, it was hard picking out the ones to post. I've already finished 2 other blogs with lots of VROC people on them. This last one is a mixture of VROC, some scenery, and lots of Karen and Preston. They are good friends and traveling companions. There are 60 some pics on this blog, hope you enjoy them. I'll leave it up for quite a while, I know it would be hard to go through them all in one sitting. Enjoy, feel free to make comments on the iindividual pics in the place provided, and let me know if you liked them. (or didn't)

Karen says she's too young to be a Red Hat Lady! (But we know different) This was in Port Angeles, WA, while waiting for the Ferry to take us to Canada.

A typical tourist. That's the Parliment building in the background. Every night it's lit up like Christmas! Victoria is as beautiful at night as it is during the day.

One of the hundreds of hanging flower baskets in Victoria, BC.

The Empress Hotel. You can have afternoon tea in there for $65 each if you have a reservation! It's a fine old building. The colored umbrellas are placed by Native Craftsman selling their wares. Victoria is one of the most attractive cities I've ever visited. It has an "Old World" atmosphere.

We spent a late afternoon, evening and night in here. Beauty beyond words. We saw the gardens in different lighting situations, saw a variety show, listened to a good band, and saw the most spectacular fireworks I've ever witnessed! The only thing disappointing about the visit was...they had taken down the Stars and Stripes that used to be at the entry with flags of 4 other countries,in protest to the war. But....I'll still go back someday to see it all again. The indirect lighting at night is just beautiful.

Just one SMALL example of the flowers inside the Butchart Gardens. I have 70 some pictures of the Gardens, pretty, but just don't do it justice!

Some of the campgrounds have outside facilities! Nothing like privacy while you're brushing your teeth . K&P will love me posting this!

This became part of our morning routine........

M/V Coho. This is the Ferry we took from Port Angeles, WA to Victoria, BC.

Fleet of Harbor boats in Victoria, BC

Bucky, anticipating how good this is going to taste! Birdo in the background.

Deb and Brillo

Capt. Kirk, Mark "Trout" Brown, Skid, Sandy, and Fly. Finishing Didsbury Dave's excellent dinner.

Howard "Nitelite" being glad to get in out of the rain for awhile! He and Linda were SOAKED when they rode into the David Thompson Resort.

Brillo and Roxy. I don't know what they are signing, but it looks important!

The large guy had polished off one of these boots already, and several mixed drinks with lunch. He was there with his family, and his wife was doing a good job of keeping up with him! The waiter brought out the owner of the cafe to congratulate him I guess. This guy would have been fun around a campfire (as long as he brought his own booze! ) Check the size of that hand! The boot held about a gallon of beer, and he was still in pretty good shape.....

My breadfast in Sydney, BC. Blueberries, currants and a wonderful mixture of goodies inside this omlette. One of the tastiest on the trip! Sydney is full of bookstores, a very neat, clean, and interesting small city.

Karen "Bookie" obviously loves to read. She was quite taken with this little lady on the bench......

One of the many murals in Chemainus, BC. Who are those motorcycle riders in the picture?

A nice gazebo on a fine day! This was inside the "Secret Garden"

Chemainus, BC. This was the neatest town! Almost every building was painted with beautiful murals! This was inside the "Secret Garden", where we went for afternoon tea. Scones with apricots, butter and some kind of soft cream cheese. Borsch soup, and Preston had pie and ice cream.

Campsite on Vancouver Island. We stayed here two days and traveled some of the central and northern roads across the Island.

Only two words to describe.....Yum, Yum!

Note the low carb goodies! I must have missed them at the time, I was whining because I couldn't eat anything there. I didn't see the sign until I saw this picture! Oh well, probably saved some calories anyway. Canada is just full of wonderful bakeries!

Karen having a "blonde moment"

This was the little town where the goats ate the grass on the roof tops. On the way to Tofino.

We saw several Pipers in BC. This was in Nanimo. There was an old fort here, the canons were placed there to protect the harbor. I think the first shot would have taken out the cement wall........

Kokopelli taking a boat ride. This is the ferry between Nanimo and Vancouver BC.

This campground had been having bear problems. They provided these cargo nets, and it was the "law" that you had to put everything that a bear may like up in the air at night. Even toothpaste, any food at all, other toiletries, and even empty ice chests. Bears sometimes tear them open even if empty, thinking there may be goodies in them. The campground had patrols and if they found anything out, it was a $600 fine from them, then they turned you over to the Federal environmental people for other larger fines. Seemed pretty "overkill" to me, but we hoisted our stuff up anyway.

Karen strolling through some of the shops at Whistler Village

One of the cafe's in Whistler Villiage. I'll leave out the shots of the two young ladies we befriended there, you've seen them in two other blogs. This was a very upscale place, but lots of fun. Places like this makes one wish they were MUCH younger and richer!

A stop for some "photo ops" and to examine some of the bushes a little closer This was a great stretch of highway.

This was our camp in Kamloops. It was an RV park, but they let us set up our Kwik Kamps in one of the spaces. Good camp and nice people. I think this was one of the few places the cell phone worked. Karen was talking to one of the Foree's. There was a Jehovah's Witness convention going on this weekend, and many of them were in this camp. Families on both sides. I think they thought we were heathens at first, but they came around after Karen kept them laughing.

Our campground in Jasper. When I pulled into this place the first time, there was a large cow Elk standing the the community kitchen that's just behind where I was standing to take this picture. I tried to get to my camera, but she wandered out and into the brush. I did get a picture of her rear end, but it not worth posting. This was a real nice camp. We were a little concerned when we were planning the trip about finding campgrounds. We never had a problem, and most of them were very nice. Some a little short on facillities, but satisfactory. The couple private campgrounds we stayed in were VERY expensive, and not as nice as the Provincial ones. There are lots of Canadians, Asians, and Eurepeans in these camps. Very few Americans, and we saw no Latins.

Jasper is a big time tourist area. Within a few miles there are lots of things to do and see. We spent 2 days here, and didn't go to all the local attractions. Unlike some, I never get tired of browsing the tourist traps. K & P like it too, so we get along fine. I never buy much, if anything, I just like seeing all the "stuff".

There are dozens of T-shirt shops in all the tourist areas. And, just hundreds of funny pictures and sayings. I thought this one was pretty kewl.

A pretty little goat, just munching away on the flowers along the road. There were 4 or 5 of them. I thought this was one of the best pics out of the many I took of these guys. Focus wasn't perfect, but I like the close up of the eye.

REAL Canadian Geese. We see them down here during all seasons, and sometimes I wonder if they all migrate. We naturally call them Canadian Geese, but some may be local Oregonians. These were definately Canadian!

You'll see about 3 more pics of this fall. I took about a dozen, you can tell I was impressed! On a hot day, this cool spray would have been wonderful. Of course, we never saw a "hot" day in Canada! We did a lot of walking here, went to the bottom of the canyon.

You can't believe the noise this fall makes! Sounded like a locomotive or something. Just breath taking!

Another shot of the top of a water fall.

More scenery. The rivers and streams are all milky white from the glacier run off. Not something you'd want to go skinny dipping in, unless you're into pain!

A small glacier in the Canadian Rocky's. Overwhelming scenery. Boggles your mind and eye! (s) for some.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

This is a crack in the Glacier ice. It's hard to tell by the picture, but it's about 4 or 5 inches wide. Enough that you could get a foot caught in it if you weren't careful. The surface ice is slick and hard to walk on.

Karen on the Glacier. It was COLD up there, and very slick. As usual, she had wandered off the beaten path where you were suppose to walk. Check the mountain climbing boots she has on....note the blonde hair

This is the Glasier we climbed on. You can see in the distance where the parking lot is, then the trail up to the ice. When I was there in 1987, the ice came almost all the way to where you could park. It's receding every year. Just like my hairline! It was a LONG steep climb up to the ice!

Just a scenery shot. We're in the Canadian Rockies!

I had never seen a dental floss dispenser inside a Men's room! This place was pure Class!

Another one of those good Canadian burgers! This one was in Banff.