I'll see you here in April 2005!

Monday, January 24, 2005

Karen and Preston in the famous place for taking pictures of Lake Louise.

The lodge at Lake Louise. We walked all the way to this end of the Lake. I stayed here on a bench while K&P walked up to where the water comes down from the glacier that feeds the lake. This spot was about 1.5 miles from my bike, that was far enough for me!

One of the colorful flower boxes at Lake Louise. The flowers here were just spectacular!

Preston with his Pastrami on Rye at the Lake Louise lodge.

Kokopelli in front of the Food and entertainment center at the David Thompson Resort. We had some fun and frolic here!

Ride 'em Kawboy! Skid after a few Vodka Clamatos! He thought he was on a mechanical bull! It kicked him right off.

Russian Wolves are sure scruffy looking characters!

Preston enjoying one of the fresh out of the oven cinnamon rolls at the DTR. Remember, this was before the quad bypass a couple months later!

One of the best deals in Canada was the chuckwagon style breakfasts at the David Thompson Resort. The food and Cowboy coffee was great! Happiness is being Rock #1.

Preston and Karen. We were on our way to take the tour through the old coal mine at Nordegg. We got rained on later in the afternoon, but it was a fine day anyway.

A happy couple! And it was still daylight....Roxy and Six Pack Jack.

Sandy and a RARE picture of Skid without a hat on! Now we know why he wears it all the time I guess because it was so cool and cloudy in Canada, he didn't worry much about sunburn!

Epibunny chased this poor little rabbit down so she could add it to her vest. Don't tell PITA!